Using the Chalice Instead of the Ciborium for Distribution
in the Gallo-Russo-Byzantine and Anglican-Byzantine Rites

An alternative to distribution of communion is to use the chalice rather than the ciborium. In that case the ciborium either is not used at all or else is used to transport hosts prior to consecration.

1.    By the time of consecration, the hosts must be on the paten along with the priest’s host.
2.    All proceeds as usual, except that the purification of the paten is not done at the time indicated in the missal (though the prayer is said).
3.    After the communion of the Chalice by the priest, the priest deposits all the hosts into the now-empty chalice and purifies the paten.
4.    Taking the chalice, the priest holds a host above the chalice for the Ecce Agnus Dei.
5.    Communion is distributed from the chalice.
6.    After communion, the priest must either consume the remaining Sacrament or else deposit it in the tabernacle.
7.    All else proceeds as usual.