A partial collection of coats of arms of Knights and Dames of the Eagle of St. Stephen & Mary Immaculate.

Blue baton with silver eagle: Knights, Dames, Commanders, and Knights/Dames Grand Cross
Blue baton, embellished with white eagles, with silver eagle: Bailiffs Grand Cross (hereditary)
Red baton with gold cords and gold eagle: Sovereign and Grand Master
Red baton with silver cords and silver eagle: Deputy Grand Master
Collar: Bailiffs Grand Cross

In addition, Bailiffs and Knights/Dames Grand Cross may encircle their arms with the blue sword belt.
Commanders and Knights/Dames may suspend the insignia from the shield on their respective ribbons.

All members may place the red/blue cross behind the shield.

The collar's heraldic representation is either the same as the actual collar or the old form. If the old form is used, it may be accompanied by the blue and red crosses suspended from chains in addition to the eagle collar.

H.H. the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia
Sovereign and Bailiff Knight of Christ

H.I.R.M. Hanna Alexandrovna of Rome-Ruthenia
Bailiff Dame of Christ

H.I.R.H. the Grand Prince of Etruria
Grand Master and Bailiff Knight of Christ

H.I.R.H. the Grand Princess of Etruria
Bailiff Dame of Christ

H.I.R.H. Grand Duke Alexander
Bailiff Knight of Christ

H.I.R.H. Grand Duchess Lilia
Bailiff Dame of Christ

H.Em.&R.H. the Cardinal Count of Gévaudan
Bailiff Knight of Christ

H.R.H. the Grand Prince of Epirus
Bailiff Grand Cross

H.Em.&I.R.H. the Elector of Mainz
Bailiff Grand Cross

H.E. the Count Clark
Bailiff Grand Cross

H.E. the Count Lisle
Bailiff Grand Cross

Chev. K. Day
Bailiff Grand Cross

Chev. J. Refieuna
Knight Grand Cross

Col. the Chev. G. Bradley
Knight Grand Cross

Dame M. Price
Dame Grand Cross

Dame M. Kannensohn
Dame Grand Cross

























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