Religious and Military Order of Saints Anne and Alexander Nevsky
(United Roman-Ruthenian Church)


The Religious and Military Order of Sts. Anne and Alexander Nevsky is a religious-dynastic order that may be awarded to recognise those commissioned officers who exhibit either military excellence consistent with the doctrine of the Christian faith or who exhibit excellence in Christian humanitarian service. Also, all Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses of Rome receive the Grand Cross of the order immediately upon receiving the title. All Grand Dukes/Duchesses of Rome-Ruthenia receive the order immediately following their baptism. As a military dynatic order, it ranks immediately above the Pontifical Order of the Eagle. Recipients of the Grand Cross are automatically also named Knights or Dames Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle. The patron saints of the order are St. Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin, and St. Alexander Nevsky, Grand Prince of Kiev, of the Russian Rurikid dynasty.

There are 2 grades of the order:
Knight Grand Cross/Dame Grand Cross

Knight/Dame of Honour

The cross of the order is worn from a purple ribbon. The knights and dames grand cross use a sash in the ribbon over the right shoulder and a star in silver with a central red medallion, blue cross, and gold Roman eagle. Knights/Dames of Honour wear the cross of the order on a neck ribbon.

Wear of Deocrations of the Pontifical and Imperial Orders

Grand Cross of the order

Star of the order

Knight of Honour of the order

Lapel Ribbons:
Knight Grand Cross and Knight of Honour

Saint Anne with the Blessed Virgin Mary


Saint Anne and Saint Joachim
with the young Blessed Virgin Mary


Saint Alexander Nevsky


Saint Alexander Nevsky is attended by two
Cardinals of the Roman Pontiff

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Nota Bene: These orders are given exclusively by the United Roman-Ruthenian Church, Stato Pontificio Imperiale di Roma-Ruthenia as historic orders of the Stato Pontificio. H.H. the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia holds the exclusive right to confer them.
They are distinct from the modern state orders given by the Vatican City-State or any other state.



















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