Household of His Holiness the Papa-Prince

H.H. Papa-Prince (Papa-Knyaz) Rutherford I and H.I.R.M. Grand Duchess (Velikaya Knyaginya) Hanna of Rome-Ruthenia

H.I.R.H. Grand Duke (Veliki-Knyaz) Ralph of Rome-Etruria, Grand Prince of Etruria

H.I.R.H. Grand Duchess (Velikaya Knyazhna) Marianne of Rome-Etruria, Grand Princess of Etruria

H.I.R.H. Grand Duke (Veliki-Knyaz) Alexander of Rome-Ruthenia

H.I.R.H. Grand Duchess (Velikaya Knyazhna) Lilia of Rome-Ruthenia

H.Em.&I.R.H. Grand Duke (Veliki-Knyaz) Douglas of Rome-Frankfurt, Prince of Aschaffenburg

H.Em.&I.R.H. Grand Duchess (Velikaya Knyazhna) Wanda of Rome-Frankfurt, Princess of Aschaffenburg

Titles held by the Florentine-Roman Papa

Monograms of the Household

Heraldry of the Papa-Catholicos

Flags of the Imperial Roman Church 

Select Ancestors of the Papa-Prince

Byzantine Roman Emperors
Isaac II Angelos
Alexios I Komnenos
Michael II
Michael III
Leo VI
Constantine VII
Romanos II
Romanos IV Diogenes

Imperial Kingdom of Italy
Hugh d’Arles, King of Italy
Berengar I, King of Italy
Berengar II, King of Italy
Adalbert, King of Italy

Spain & Sicily
Ramn Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona and G�vaudan
n Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona
Alfonso II, King of Arag
Urraca, Queen of Castile y Le
n, Empress of All Spain
Alfonso VII, King of Castile y Le
n, Emperor of All Spain
Sancho III, King of Castile
Alfonso VIII, King of Castile
James I, King of Arag
Roger II, King of Sicily
Peter II, King of Arag
Peter III, King of Arag
n, King of Sicily
Federico III, King of Sicily

Old Russian State (Rurikid Dynasty, Grand Princes of Kiev)
Vladimir the Great
Yaroslav the Wise
Mstislav I
Vladimir II
Vsevolod I
Sviatopolk II
Vsevolod II
Sviatoslav II
Oleg I, Prince of Chernigov
Sviatoslav III
Vsevolod IV

Kings of Russia (Romanovich Dynasty (Rurikid))
Roman the Great, Tsar and Autocrat of All Rus', Grand Prince of Kiev, Prince of Novgorod and Halych
Danylo Romanovich, King of Ruthenia, Grand Prince of Kiev
Lev I, King of Ruthenia, Grand Prince of Kiev
Yuri I, King of Ruthenia, Grand Prince of Kiev

Dukes of Burgundy
Robert I
Odo I
Hugh II
Odo II
Hugh III
Hugh IV
Robert II
John I
Philip II

Kings of Hungary
Bla I
za I
la II
za II
la III
Andrew II
la IV
Stephen V

Kings of France
Robert II
Henri I
Philip I
Louis VI
Louis VII
Louis VII
Louis IX
Philip III
Philip IV
Philip V
Philip VI
Jean II
Charles V
Charles VI

Holy Roman Emperors
Conrad II
Henry III
Henry IV
Henry VII
Friedrich I


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