The Pontifical Apostolic Library

The principal library of the Apostolic See
of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church

The Pontifical Apostolic Library (Pontificia Bibliotheca Apostolica), also known as the Pontifical Library, is the principle library of the Apostolic See of theUnited Roman-Ruthenian Church. Housed in several locations and working with various partners, it contains works from ancient to modern, including rare copies, on subjects including theology, history, canon law, music, heraldry, nobility and government, and more. The legacy of the Pontifical Library dates to the early period of the Church when ecclesiastical libraries bagan to be collected. These in turn grew into various church libraries, some of which are still in existence today. The modern Pontifical Library was formed during the reorganisation of patriarchal library collections in 2011.

The Pontifical Library is also associated with the Stephenian Archives, housing the records and artifacts of the Apostolic See.


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