The postal service of the Stato Pontificio Imperiale di Roma-Rutenia, United Roman-Ruthenian Church, known by its historic name of Poste Pontificie (Pontifical Post), is charged with shipping duties in furtherance of the mission of the Church. It also issues, for historical purposes, a series of souvenier postal stamps.

Chev. Josť Rivera
Postmaster-General of the Pontifical Imperial State

Currently-issued Stamp:


Some stamps issued by Pontifical Post and the former P.R. Post:
(Stamps are intended as historic souvenir outreach items to perpetuate the
history of the 
United Roman-Ruthenian Church and Stato Pontificio and are not intended as substitutes for
postal stamps of current civil states.)

Some Obsolete Stamps of the
former P.R. Post

35 Centesimi stamp
St. Stephen - Seal of the Deacon

50 Centesimi stamp
Baroness of Aub

20 Centesimi stamp
Anglican Patriarchate - Florence-New Rome - Pontifical Insignia





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