Apostolic See of Sts. Stephen and Mark

The Slavic world spans both Eastern rite and Latin rite Christianity, eastern culture and latin, Russian lands and Roman territories. The United Roman-Ruthenian Church today serves as a unifying spiritual and cultural force seeking to build unity accross Slavic cultures and faiths, as well as between Slavic cultures and the Roman culture to which they are also heirs. Due to its spiritual, temporal, and cultural heritage, the United Roman-Ruthenian Church and its temporal heritage wing, the Pontifical Imperial State, are uniquely positioned for this role.

The United Roman-Ruthenian Church is among those few churches in the world that are privileged to branch in Apostolic succession from the Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Old Catholic, Melkite Catholic, Syrian Antiochian Orthodox, Syrian Malankara, Armenian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Uniate, Melkite (Greek) Catholic, and Chaldean (Babylonian/Iraqi) Catholic Churches. The most recent Patriarchs of ancient geographical Churches from which we descend are both from the 20th century: Sergei, Patriarch of Moscow (Russian Orthodox) and Yousef VI, Patriarch of Babylon (Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq). Part of our Roman succession is held in common with 95% the modern Vatican Church (Roman Communion) today, but the United Roman-Ruthenian Church also has much older lines as well, including the famous lines of Medici, Barberini, and Borghese.  As a Church of united Apostolic heritage spanning East and West, it evokes memories of the Church before the Great Schism one thousand years ago and points to a Christian unity that often seems today like an elusive goal.  

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The Holy Fathers of the Apostolic See
Left: Pope St. Leo X (Roman Catholic)
Right: Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh (Russian Orthodox)

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