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Mission Statement, Core Values, & Unit Mottoes
of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard

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Mission Statement

Inspiring lives of strength, compassion, and peace.

Core Values

Faith. Honor. Service. Loyalty. Strength. Compassion. Peace.

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Unit Mottoes

Walsingham Guard: Semper et ubique Crucem defendere. (Always and everywhere defend the Cross.)

Walsingham Naval Guard: Nobiscum Deus. (God with us.)

Walsingham & Etrurian Corps and Regiments: Honos Ministerium Fides (Honor, Service, and Loyalty)

Westphalian Corps and Regiments: Esto Maius Quam Videris (It is better to be than to seem.)

Patriarchal Horse Guards: Numquam Retro (Never retreat.)

Patriarchal Artillery: Hic et Ubique Fortes et Fides Deus Adjuvat (Here and everywhere God favors the strong and faithful.)

Signals Wing: Celer et Vigilans (Swift and Vigilant)

Battle Cry

Nobiscum Deus. or Gott mit uns. (God with us.)





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