A Society of Purpose, the Roman-Ruthenian Nobility Association is a multifaceted society that serves as an ecclesiastical, fraternal, historical, and charitable organization. The primary purpose of the association is to foster a sense of brotherhood and fellowship while preserving the legacy and traditions of its members. By bringing together the nobility from the modern Pontifical Imperial State (United Roman-Ruthenian Church) and the traditional and historical associated territories, the association serves as a network of support and collaboration - a unifying force for noble houses and their descendants across different regions. By promoting camaraderie, preserving heritage, and engaging in charitable endeavors, the association strives to create a meaningful and lasting impact within its membership and the wider community.

Membership and Eligibility

Membership in the Roman-Ruthenian Nobility Association is open to individuals belonging to or descended from the nobility of the modern Pontifical Imperial State and the nobility of the traditional associated territories, as well as the recipients of the religious and dynastic orders of the Pontifical Imperial State. These territories include the Roman State, historic Russian lands, Slavic states, states of the Holy Roman Empire, Italy, France, Spain, North Africa, the Levant, and the New World. The association also maintains a historic list of nobility in its traditional territories, whether those houses are represented in the association's membership or not.

Charitable Endeavors

As a charitable society, the Roman-Ruthenian Nobility Association promotes making a positive impact on society. It encourages its members to engage actively in philanthropic efforts, supporting various causes and charitable organizations. Through efforts of the membership, the association promotes addressing social issues and providing assistance to those in need.


The Roman-Ruthenian Nobility Association is an ecumenical and non-political association. Although its members are free to engage appropriately in the political process, the association does not engage or comment on political matters in any country. 


The Roman-Ruthenian Nobility Association periodically publishes an electronic newsletter in the interests of its membership and others.