(United Roman-Ruthenian Church)


The Supreme Aquiline Order of Christ is the highest order given by the modern Stato Pontificio Imperiale di Roma-Rutenia under the authority of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church. By current policy, it is given exclusively to princes who are Bailiffs Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle, and this order is joined together with the Order of the Eagle. Therefore the Knights of the Supreme Roman-Ruthenian Order of Christ are also known as Bailiff Knights of Christ of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle, and it is from this that the common name of the order (Aquiline Order of Christ) comes. Grand Dukes of Rome-Ruthenia also receive it on their 18th birthday and also receive the Order of Sts. George and Olga. Following the decree of December 2023, the rank of Bailiff of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle is no longer conferred as an independent honour, but only as a second honour automatically accompanying the conferral of the Aquiline Order of Christ.

Recipients wear the large cross of the order from the collar chain and the Greater Eagle of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle from a solid red ribbon about the neck. The small cross is worn on a cordon (sash) of medium blue ribbon. The order is perhaps unique in that it makes use of two ribbon colours for the same rank. The red represents Christ and is the traditional colour of various Orders of Christ. The medium blue is a variation of the blue of the Order of the Eagle and represents the Blessed Theotokos. The sash itself, being blue with the small red cross of the order, evokes Mary Mother of God with the infant Christ. Although that is general imagery, there is also special reference to the icon of the Holy Mother of God of Kazan, the history of which reaches Rome and Russia and spans the breadth of Europe. It began with the victory of Ivan IV over the Tatars. The icon was stolen in the early 20th century. An icon believed to be an original 16th century copy of the original icon was located and brought to Fátima in Portugal. From there is was given to St. John Paul II, who kept it in his office as Bishop of Rome. After the fall of communism, the icon was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow.

 Wear of Deocrations of the Pontifical and Imperial Orders

Left: Collar of the Order 
Right: Pontifical Imperial Collar, worn by the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia,
which combines the collars of the Order of Christ, the Order of the Eagle, and the Noble Company.

Neck decoration of the order.

Miniature neck decoration.

Collarette of the Aquiline Order of Christ.

The sash of Knights/Dames of Christ,
with the small cross of the order and the jewel of Bailiffs of the Eagle,
pendant from a ribbon in Marian blue as a variation of the blue of the
Order of the Eagle.

Star of the order.

Lapel Ribbon

Church robes of Knights/Dames of Christ
(worn over a scarlet habit with matching fascia and gold tassel)
The red church mantle (see below) is worn over this habit.
The cap is red velvet with gold cords and a brim. Clerics wear a 4-winged red biretta with pompom, unless
a cardinal, in which case the regular Cardinal's watered silk biretta is worn.

List of Current Members

H.H. Bishop Rutherford I of Rome-Ruthenia
H.P.I.M. Hanna Alexandrovna of Rome-Ruthenia
H.P.I.H. the Grand Duke Ralph
H.P.I.H. the Grand Duchess Marianne
H.P.I.H. the Grand Duke Alexander
H.P.I.H. the Grand Duchess Lilia
H.Em.&.R.H. the Cardinal Count of Gévaudan
H.R.S.H. Prince Floyd of Chíquiza

Nota Bene: These orders are given exclusively by the United Roman-Ruthenian Church, Stato Pontificio Imperiale di Roma-Ruthenia as historic orders of the Stato Pontificio. H.H. the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia holds the exclusive right to confer them.
They are distinct from the modern state orders given by the Vatican City-State or any other state.


















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