The Pontifical Order of the Eagle, also known as the Pontifical Order of the Eagle of Saint Stephen and Mary Immaculate, is a religious-dynastic order associated with the Pontifical Imperiale State and United Roman-Ruthenian Church. Its origins can be traced back to Julius Caesar, who established it as a military unit called the Ninth Spanish Legion in 58 BC. It was later re-established as a Christian noble order by Caesar Augustus and received the blessing of Pope St. John Paul II.

This distinguished Order symbolizes the preservation of Christianity within the Roman Empire and its rich history. Knights are carefully chosen primarily from among the nobility based on their devotion to Christ, their service to the Church, and their demonstrated commitment. However, non-nobles who are admitted into the Order are automatically ennobled through their membership.

Due to its historical significance and stringent admission criteria, this Order is considered one of the most exclusive Christian orders of chivalry. The Bailiffs, who hold hereditary knighthood within the Order, occupy a special position in Christian chivalry and serve as advisors to His Holiness, the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia. They proudly carry the title of honorary cousins to His Holiness. Following the decree of December 2023, the rank of bailiff is no longer conferred as an independent honour, but only as a second honour automatically accompanying the conferral of the Aquiline Order of Christ.

The ranks of the order are:

Bailiff Grand Cross (hereditary)
Knight/Dame Grand Cross
Knight/ Dame Commander

Armourial of Knights

Statutes of the Order

Wear of Deocrations of the Pontifical and Imperial Orders

The primary ribbon of the order is a rich shade of royal blue, which symbolizes the coat of arms of the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia. For Bailiffs (granted the honour prior to 2024), the ribbon for the special neck insignia is red and blue, representing the significance of Rome, St. Peter, and St. Stephen. The order's cross is an elegant blue with eight points, featuring a majestic Roman Eagle at its center and additional Eagles positioned between each of the four main points. Both Bailiffs (granted prior to 2024) and Knights/Dames Grand Cross proudly display the cross of the order on a sash worn over their right shoulder. These crosses are gracefully suspended from a gold oak leaf cluster embellished with diamonds and crossed swords. Bailiffs (granted prior to 2024) and Knights/Dames Grand Cross also have the honor of wearing a golden star adorned with a golden eagle upon a golden cross.

Grand Collar of the Bailiffs Grand Cross
(used also by the Knights and Dames of Christ)

Heraldic badge of the order

Above: Chapel of Pope St. John Paul II in the Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican

L: Julius Caesar. R: Caesar Augustus

Cross of a Knight or Dame

Neck Cross of a Knight or Dame Commander

Cordon and Star of a Knight Grand Cross
(and Bailiffs granted prior to 2024)

Ladies' Cordon and Star of a Dame Grand Cross
(and Lady
Bailiffs granted prior to 2024)

Collarette of Bailiffs of the order (granted prior to 2024),
worn as an alternative to the full collar.

Cordon of Knights/Dames of Christ.

Miniature Eagle optionally worn at the neck by Bailiffs Grand Cross in place of the greater eagle.
(granted prior to 2024)
Note: Knights of Christ wear the miniature insignia on a solid red ribbon.

Lapel Ribbons:
Baliff (granted prior to 2024), Knight Grand Cross, Commander, and Knight

Uniform Service Ribbons:
Bailiff (Knight of Christ), Bailiff (granted prior to 2024), Knight Grand Cross, Commander, and Knight

Church robes of Bailiffs and Knights/Dames of Christ
(worn over a scarlet habit with matching fascia and gold tassel)
The red church mantle (see below) is worn over this habit. The cap is red velvet with gold cords and
a brim. Clerics wear a 4-winged red biretta with pompom, unless
a cardinal, in which case the regular Cardinal's watered silk biretta is worn.

Church Robes of Knights and Dames
(through the rank of Knight/Dame Grand Cross)
The cap is black velvet with gold cords and a brim.
Clerics wear their usual biretta.
Bishops and Prelates of the Pontifical Court also wear their proper cassock.
When worn by the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia, this version of the church robes is used.

Uniform of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle
Shown: Knight Commander

Hereditary Officers

Sovereign - H.H. the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia
Prince Grand Master - H.P.I.H. Grand Duke Ralph of Etruria
Hereditary Deputy Grand Master - H.E. the Count di Santa Croce

Appointed Officers

Marshal H.Em.&I.R.H. Msgr. Grand Duke Douglas v. Rome-Frankfurt
Vice Marshal: H.R.S.H. the Prince of Chíquiza
Chancellor: H.I.R.H. Grand Duke Alexander
Vice Chancellor: H.E. the Count Palatine Lisle
Registrar: Chev. K. Day
Eagle King of Arms: H.Em.&I.R.H. Msgr. Grand Duke Douglas v. 

In Memoriam Chev. John Refieuna,
Chancellor of the Legion of the Eagle

In Memorial H.E. the Count d. Charles Daniel II Johnson di S. Croce
Hereditary Deputy Grand Master





















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