The Pontifical Walsingham Guard: A Symbol of Unity and Devotion

The Pontifical Walsingham Guard is a ceremonial and humanitarian assembly within the Pontifical Imperial State of Rome-Ruthenia, United Roman-Ruthenian Church and embodies the spirit of unity and devotion. As a benevolent organisation, its mission is strength, compassion, and peace. The Pontifical Walsingham Guard traces its roots back to the ancient Orthodox and Catholic traditions and to certain militaries before the 11th century. The modern Guard was founded in 2012, and members are typically military veterans. This unique blend creates a harmonious atmosphere that celebrates diversity while highlighting shared beliefs and values.

Members of the Guard are dedicated individuals who have committed themselves to serving God and their communities. Its members are chosen based on their moral character, leadership qualities, and deep spiritual connection, regardless of denominational background. They strive to be examples of faith, love, and compassion in all aspects of their lives. Through their actions, they inspire others to embrace their own spirituality and strengthen their relationship with God. As ambassadors for unity within the Christian faith, members of the Guard actively engage in ecumenical dialogue and cooperation. They seek common ground with other denominations, fostering understanding and mutual respect among different branches of Christianity. Through these efforts, they promote harmony and build bridges that bring people closer together in shared service to others.

Guardsmen embody selflessness by actively engaging in charitable initiatives within their communities. From organizing charitable activities to volunteering where the needs are greatest, they exemplify what it means to be compassionate followers of Christ. The Pontifical Walsingham Guard stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when we come together in faith. The Guard's dedication to serving God and spreading His message is truly inspiring. By embracing diversity while celebrating our shared values, they demonstrate that unity is not only possible but essential in our journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

The membership of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard currently exists on four continents. Prior service represented within the Guard includes armed services in Europe and North and South America, including the Italian Armi dei'Carabinieri and the U.S. Army, among many others. The officers and members of the Guard have served internationally in diverse humanitarian, medical, emergency response and preparedness, and other similar operations. From 2020-2022, its membership served around the world in various capacities in the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and resulting humanitarian crisis.

MMXX Health Service Medal awarded
for health care or humantiarian service
during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

During 2022, its 10th modern anniversary, the Guard underwent a major reorganization. The complex structure was simplified, and the large number of historic units were combined. The current units more directly reflect the heritage of the Pontifical and Imperial Household. The current units are listed below. Together these provide homes of Christian-based humanitarian and benevolent service for veterans with the outward style consistent with each member's service background. Additionally, the Guard maintains an Office of Chaplains, as well as certain other offices as needed – such as medicine. Among the reorganized structure is a highly simplified rank structure in line with both the history and nature of the Guard today.

Although the Walsingham Guard is part of the Pontifical and Imperial Household of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church, its ranks are open to Christians of all denominations. In fact, the Household continuously has preached against denominational snobbery and encouraged broad cooperation among the worldwide Christian population.

The Relevance of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard Today

The Pontifical Walsingham Guard, descended from ancient functioning militaries, was established in modern times as a ceremonial and humanitarian organisation within the United Roman-Ruthenian Church. The Pontifical Walsingham Guard traces its origins back to various militaries in the medieval times -- an era in which knights and soldiers were also called upon to protect religious sites. While its purpose today is different from that of its predecessors, the history, significance, and relevance of the Guard remain undiminished.

Both because of its heritage and because the majority of Walsingham Guard members are military veterans -- individuals who have dedicated years of their lives to service -- the Walsingham Guard maintains many military customs. By preserving military traditions, the Guard not only pays homage to its history, but also allows its members to continue the camaraderie that they experienced during their time in the armed forces. Together this creates a sense of continuity and identity and provides members with a familiar environment where they can continue to contribute.

The involvement of members of the Guard in humanitarian efforts demonstrates compassion and solidarity with those in need. Their distinctive uniforms, insignia, and symbols serve as a reminder that they are representatives of an organisation committed to selfless service to others. With the purpose of encouraging lives of strength, compassion, and peace, the Guard models a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere for others. Whether participating in religious ceremonies or engaging in acts of charity, their presence continues to bring meaning and purpose to the organisation and the wider community.

The Pontifical Walsingham Guard consists of the following units:

Pontifical Ruthenian
Palatine Guard

Pontifical Ruthenian
Noble Guard

Pontifical Ruthenian Naval Guard

Pontifical Ruthenian Air Guard

Pontifical Airbourne Guard of Honour

Ranks and Insignia
Uniform Specifications
Brevet Insignia and Decorations.

General Staff
(Leadership of the Guard)

The Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia
Gonfaloniere of the Church
Chief of Chaplains
General Officers of Divisions (established as needed, for example, Division of Medicine)
General Officers
Pontifical Aides-de-Camp
Officers and Members assigned to Offices of the General Staff

Current Senior Leadership


L-R: Flag of the Pontifical Imperial State; Flag of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard

L-R: Pontifical Ruthenian Palatine Guard; Pontifical Ruthenian Noble Guard; Pontifical Ruthenian Air Guard

L-R: Naval Guard Ensign; Naval Ensign of the Supreme Pontiff; Naval Guard Jack

L-R: Pontifical Airbourne Honour Guard, General Staff

Flag of the Gonfaloniere of the Church

Naval flags of rank. L-R: Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral

Guard flags of rank. L-R: Major General, Lieutenant Field Marshal, Lieutenant General