There are four principle forms of liturgy under the authority of the Imperial Roman Church: The Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Rite, the Anglican-Byzantine Rite, the Anglo-Roman Rite (Anglican Rite), and the Gallican Rite (Gallo-Roman). The Anglo-Roman liturgy of the Anglican Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) is described and provided in the current editions of the Missale Anglicanum Editio Latina et Anglica. The Gallo-Roman Liturgy is provided primarily in the Missale Gallicanum-Romanum. The Rituale Anglicanum, Pontificale Anglicanum  Edition, Evangeliarium and Epistolarium, Anglican Breviary, and the Liber Processionalis are used by all rites. A partial list of liturgy is provided in the list below.

Sacraments of the Church
Holy Mass and Divine Liturgy
Holy Matrimony
Anointing of the Sick

Catholicosato Gallo-Russo-Bizantino
Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate
Γалльский-Русский-Византийский Католикосат

Patriarcato Anglicano
The Anglican Patriarchate

Divine Offices
Anglo-Roman Breviary
Anglo-Roman Martyrology
Vigil Service

Extra-liturgical Services, Devotions, Prayers, and Creeds
Sacred Benedition
May Crowning
Te Deum Service
Most Useful Prayers and Creeds
Prayers to Accompany the Holy Mass
Blessing Ex Urbe
Twelve Churches of the Patriarchate (Festal & Lenten Stations)

Calendar of Saints
The Ordo Calendar of the Imperial Roman Church


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