The Pontifical Court is an institution that serves a crucial role in the governance and administration of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church, upholding its values and customs. It stands as a pillar for administrative support within this religious institution. Its responsibilities encompass coordinating official visits, preserving historical records, facilitating communication efforts, among other crucial tasks.

At its core, the Pontifical Court acts as a support system for the highest authority within the Church, H.A.H. the Prince-Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia. Comprised of various departments and offices, it ensures smooth functioning and efficient management of affairs related to protocol, ceremonies, communications, and logistics.

One of the key functions of the 
Pontifical Court is to oversee all official visits and receptions involving the Supreme Pontiff. This includes coordinating with foreign and church dignitaries, arranging logistics, as well as organizing ceremonial events. Through that role, the Pontifical Court helps maintain ecumenical and diplomatic relationships and fosters goodwill between different entities.

Additionally, the Court assists in maintaining records and archives pertaining to important documents and historical artifacts associated with the Church. It safeguards these valuable resources for future generations, ensuring their preservation and accessibility for scholarly research or public display. The Pontifical Court also is involved in disseminating information regarding significant announcements or events within the Church. Through various media channels like press releases or social media platforms, it ensures effective outreach to both members of the faith community and wider audiences.

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