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Units and Commandants

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(Order of Precedence of Guard Units.)

(Mission Statement, Core Values, & Unit Mottoes.)


General Command

-- Captains-General of the Guard and Admiralty --

Captain-General & First Captain of the Admiralty
H.H.E. the Archfather-Prince of Rome
FMarPat, WG, FAdmNG, WNG

Vice Captain-General & Fleet Captain of the Admiralty
H.M.E.R.H. the Duke of Westphalia
FMarPat, WG, FAdmNG, WNG

Deputy Captain-General & Flag Captain of the Admiralty
H.M.E.R.H. the Prince v. Aschaffenburg
Maj. Gen., WG, RAdm., WNG

Vice Admiral of the Patriarchate

Rear Admiral of the Patriarchate
RAdm H.S.H. the Duke of Metz, WNG

-- Officers of the General Staff --

Chief of the General Staff
H.G.D.H. the Prince v. Reichenberg
FMarPat, WG, FAdmNG, WNG

Commandant-General -- Chief of the Naval Guard

Surgeon General
FMarPat H.Ill.H. the Count von der Steinhörst, MD, WG

-- Chiefs of Divisions --

Chief of Chaplains
Rt. Rev. Mgr. Abbot Anthony Giunta, TOR Mar.
Col., WG, Capt., WNG

Chief of Medicine
Lt. Gen. H.E. the Baron of Esne and Rottingen, MD, WG

Deputy Chief of Medicine
Maj. Gen. H.E. the Count of Lorch, MD, WG

Chief of Air Operations
Lt. Col. the Rev. G. Mackey, WG
Cheif of Staff

Chief of Maritime Operations
Chief of Special Security

Directorate of Space Operations and Exploration
Directorate Page


Regiments of the Guard

Each regiment represents one or more specific historic units
that comprise part of the patrimony of the Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarchate.

Regulations of the Walsingham Guard



Walsingham Corps



FMarPat H.M.E.R.H. the Duke of Westphalia, WG

Horse Guards Battalion


Maj. Gen. of Horse H.E. the Count Lisle, WG
Master of the Horse Guards

Lifeguards Artillery Battalion




Col. J. LeBlanc, WG

Zouaves Artillery Battalion




Col. HE the Count Green, Earl of Randersacken, WG

Dragoons Horse Artillery Battalion


Camera Secreta

Regiment of Chaplains


Col. Rt. Rev. Abbot Giunta, TOR Mar., WG

Signals Wing


Imperial Scouts of the Holy Roman Empire


Col. HE the Count Green, Earl of Randersacken, WG
Imperial Chief Scout

Etrurian Corps

Santa Croce Regiment

Monte Titano Regiment

Royal Etrurian Cavalry

Westphalian Corps

Westphalian Guards

Westphalian Forces

Westphalian Artillery

Walsingham Naval Guard


Imperial Italian Navy

Royal Etrurian Navy

Royal Westphalian Navy

Lifeguard Sergeant Ceremonial Uniform

Lifeguard Captain Ceremonial Uniform

Zouave Enlisted Ceremonial Uniform

L: Zouave Uniform Cap
R: Zouave Field Officer Cap

Dragoon Officer
Ceremonial Uniform

Patriarchal Horse Guards Officer
Ceremonial Dress Uniform

Regimental Mess Dress

Full Dress, all units
(Shown, Left: Junior Officer of Zouaves
Right: Corporal of Horse, Horse Guards)





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